“Dr. Patel provides a safe and welcoming environment for her patients to explore their inner worlds, traveling with them in the, often difficult, emotional journey towards health and well-being. She is empathic and warm, adept at putting patients at ease, allowing them to tell their stories in a non-judgmental manner, allowing them the freedom to express themselves in a way that they often have never done. She is kind, reliable, and trustworthy, which is reflected by the strong affection that her patients have shown for her. I have seen this countless of times when she has referred patients to me for medication management. As a clinician she has excellent diagnostic and treatment skills reflecting her training as a psychologist and as a psychoanalyst. She has extensive experience in different treatment models, which she applies appropriately to the particular circumstances that her patient may find themselves in. This in turns helps the patient navigate the many difficulties that they may encounter as they go through their treatment. She is always available to respond to her patient’s needs and wants, providing a safe and nurturing environment to help her patients to grow emotionally. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel for anyone who is curious about his or her inner life, and who is struggling to have a more fulfilling personal and professional life. I have found her to be a remarkable clinician and a wonderful person whose warmth and professionalism I greatly admire. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in understanding themselves and seeking relief from their symptoms to see Dr. Patel.”
Neha Patel reviews
Chicago psychiatrist
“Dr. Patel is an exceptional psychologist and psychoanalyst whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 15 years. She is deeply insightful in her work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds coping with emotional distress. She has an expertise in working with clients from diverse social, cultural, economic, and racial backgrounds, and her practice of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis reflects a culturally informed and sensitive approach. Dr. Patel also has extensive experience in working with Asian American and South Asian American clients. Her ability to effectively engage with and address mental health concerns and issues related to diversity with a sense of depth is a quality that is well sought out. She is one of the finest therapists and psychoanalysts in practice today.”
Neha Patel reviews
Associate Professor in Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College
“I was fortunate to complete my psychoanalytic training with Dr. Neha Patel. In those five years I had many opportunities to hear her present her psychoanalytic work with several patients. I was repeatedly impressed with her easy going and warm way of engaging with people, her deep respect for individual differences, and her intuitive ability to understand others and to provide the right amount of exploration and support. She always seemed to know how much to push or to hold back, how much to question, or to interpret. Neha is a very talented clinician who has worked with a wide range of individuals and problems in multiple settings such as private practice, inpatient, and partial hospital programs. And perhaps most importantly, Neha is very open to self-reflection, an essential quality for a psychoanalytic clinician. She is always thinking about what her experience of others means, what she contributes to the analytic dyad, and what she needs to change in order to facilitate growth for each individual. I have considerable confidence in her treatment skills and have made numerous referrals to her practice with good results. In fact, if I needed to refer a family member or friend, Neha Patel would be one of the first clinicians that I would turn to. I recommend Dr. Patel highly and without reservation!”
Neha Patel review
Clinical psychologist/psychoanalyst
"Dr. Neha Patel is an insightful psychotherapist whose calm presence is usually evident within a short period of any interaction with her. In her presence, one feels accepted, at ease, and understood. She exudes an authenticity that makes it easy, or less difficult, to be oneself. Dr. Patel is warm, keenly observant, and enquiring, asking questions to build understanding while working out what might be most helpful. Conversations unfold with empathy and thoughtful observation, and it is easy to find yourself disclosing details about yourself or your life, because of the trust she conveys. Over time, each new exchange leads to a deepening of insight and ability to process difficult feelings. Dr. Patel is held in the highest esteem by her clients and colleagues. I would recommend her to anyone and feel honored to call her my friend and colleague over the past 15 years."
Shelly Savage PsyD
Washington, DC, psychologist
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